Personal Mastery For
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Course overview
  • Author: Saffron Baggallay

  • Level: Advanced
  • Quizzes: 5
 Certification included
We recognise your commitment to our full courses, so they all include a certificate of completion provided you reach our attendance criteria. Learn the practical skills you need to feel fully confident in yourself and your high performance future.
Course overview
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Our Personal Mastery For High-Performance course focuses on building 5 fundamental meta-skills. These meta-skills empower high performance leaders to be compassionate and agile in an ever-changing professional landscape.

We help high performers find fulfilment so they can be effective, profitable and mentally healthy, by building business and personal relationships that are nourishing and successful. 

The course is based on the Enneagram, which is a personality profiling tool which demonstrates what drives our behaviour; and shows high performers clearly how you show up to others.  

(Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator test included)
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Personal Mastery For High Performance focuses on empowering leaders with durable meta-skills for intuitive, compassionate leadership. 

Our key focuses


Learn what really drives you. Learn to believe in yourself, your abilities and your own judgment. Invest in yourself to express your needs and what’s important to you with confidence.


Self-management isn't static – it’s emotional intelligence in action. You can work to grow a more positive attitude toward yourself. We'll work through a range of empowering techniques that will help you begin to change how you feel about yourself.


Learning the ability to listen and be present with someone else when you are listening to them comes from you having compassionate for yourself. Learn to see your blind spots and uncover your unconscious bias without judgement for yourself. This will result in you connecting better with others.


Because you cannot manage other people unless you know how to manage yourself, learn to see how others see you. Be more valued and respected by others by learning to hold yourself accountable. And once you get in the habit of keeping your commitments to yourself, you’ll show up trustworthy to others.

Expanding Your Perception

By knowing how to build authentic trust with yourself and others, you can start to manage-relationships and build authentic connections. This will result in you expanding your perception of yourself and therefore expanding your perception of others. 


Attend 1 live class online every week throughout the 5-month programme + get access to an exclusive Facebook group filled with tons of bonus material.

Saffron's clients love her  

Who I was before and who I am now; has definitely  changed. This course has altered the trajectory of my personal and professional life.

Diane Charles
HR Manager, SPAR Central Office
This course is an absolute necessity; at least for anyone who intends to or are leading other people. 

The course allowed me to understand how my personality affects others, I will be more sensitive to how people react to me. 
Director Samangaba
TMT Cleaning
Mind blowing. I am left with no words regarding what is now happening with my life. How spot on are the character traits to the enneagram type  In one sentence, I would say know yourself and be the best manager of your own character and destiny.
Godfrey Sono
Director at PWV Car Hire And Transport Services

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