Self-Esteem For Leaders

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Lesson series
  • Course duration: 12 Weeks
  • Videos: 51
  • Learning units: 96
  • Learning units: 96
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Author and content: Saffron Baggallay
  • Facilitator: Lara Ellwood 
Course overview
Learn how to make better decisions in the moment because you feel happier.

Learn how to trust yourself in all situations, because you know how to respect yourself in your relationships. This is the starting point for leading others.
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Certification included
We recognise your commitment to our full courses, so they all include a certificate of completion provided you reach our attendance criteria. Learn the practical skills you need to feel fully confident in yourself.
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Meet our facilitators

Saffron Baggallay

Sociologist, Expert Enneagram Coach and Master Facilitator.
About me
Saffron is a Master Narrative Enneagram Coach with an extensive sociology background. She helps people discover what drives them through their personality type and teaches them how to benefit from these internal drivers, enabling them to reach their peak performance.
About me
Lara teaches people how to better understand mental health and how to support others struggling with mental health issues, as well as, facilitate Saffron's Reframe your Future (Golden EQ Toolkit) and Self-Esteem for Leaders courses, when not practiced through the lens of the Enneagram.

Lara Ellwood

Mental Health Counsellor and Non-Enneagram Course Facilitator
The Self-Esteem For Leaders is a 3-month practical course designed to raise your own self-esteem and help you see yourself with respect, courage, and confidence. You’ll know that you can be a leader no matter what happens around you.

What's included?

  • instructions videos 
  • bonus videos
  • breathing techniques
  • techniques to manage your stress 
  • a bespoke comprehensive, printable  workbook
  • weekly classes online

Practice Living Consciously:

To start, we focus on conscious action so that you can live consciously. Get practical tools to live with clarity and intention.

Practice Self-Acceptance:

We learn to look at what causes us our shame, because this is what causes us to get defensive, which is actually disrespectful to ourselves. This brings up the shame again; and it becomes a cycle, until we learn to stop it. 

Practice Self-Response(ability):

We ask leaders to respond to situations, relationships and decisions and analyse their response for their own self-reflection. The ability to see oneself through others eyes, is an act of self-respect. 

Practice Self-Assertiveness:

Learn not to compromise yourself or your health. Learn how to honour your own needs and values and very importantly how to express them.

Practice Living Purposefully:

Leaders will focus on the discipline needed to take action to achieve one’s self-esteem goals and ensure those goals are aligned to their purpose. Living ‘in purpose’ is a practice, which is integrally linked to your happiness. 

Practice Personal Integrity:

Get the tools you need to not betray your own judgment, standards or beliefs.


Once a week for 12 weeks, delegates will come to a 60-minute online class to prepare the activities they have to complete that week. Get exclusive access to our closed Facebook group after the programme has ended so you can stay connected to other self-esteemed leaders.

clients love her  

I like the Lara's motivates and her honesty. I wish I had the knowledge she has; giving answers so easily, with solutions allowing me to believe in myself.

Juanita De Wet
Administrator - Blue Jot PTY Ltd
It helped me to be more in tune with certain feelings and gave me more justification to put myself first more so that I can be better for my family. For many weeks it was like a sign that i should be more confident at work because I know what I'm doing. Which was awesome

Manuela Twala
Finance Manager, Allstars Sports Betting
Lara's input has been invaluable. I loved her personal approach and always being able to identify with my and every other individuals' needs, and then knowing how to respond and mentor accordingly

Heiko Mittwoch
Graphic Designer - Switch
You can read self help books till the cows come home and you know it makes sense; but it's not an action’ not a doing! What was wonderful about this course is actually sharing in the experiences and listening and learning from, you know, real people

Claudia Johnson
PMC & Sales - SAP
This course enables people to work more effectively as leaders, communicators and human beings. An extraordinary mix of approaches to get the most out of life in an increasingly complicated world.

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