Why, what happens in the bathroom, doesn't happen in the boardroom

80% of women say their load at work & home has increased in the last 2 years and has created more challenges for the, resulting in less work-life integration. 
Women are in a perfect storm - this is the real crisis.
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Saffron has created this keynote because there have been historic micro-aggressions being inflicted on women for so long, that women don’t even realise they are happening anymore, and if they do they ignore them, defeated. Add up the events of the last few years and women are in a perfect storm. We are the only ones who can help ourselves out of this but are we able to? Saffron thinks women have to start behaving differently towards themselves and other women in order to become the eye of the storm.

This keynote explains why and how.

Start today to build your confidence

I'll help you to stop comparing yourself to others and to find your powerful female voice

Saffron's clients love her 

On arrival we were immediately put at ease by Saffron’s warm and enticing personality. Saffron is truly a master of her craft and not only delivers her message with an expansive knowledge; she also does so with deep
passion and conviction.
Ronnette Fenton
Application Management, EOH 
Always present and in full acknowledgement of everyone in the room at all times.

Sibusiso Mkhize,
IT, SPAR Central Office
To say this was amazing is an understatement, Saffron is probably one of the best facilitators that I have come across in my years. She has truly ignited a fire in me and for the first time in the two years.

Sharon Cao
CEO, Odd Wine Out