(Equine Experience)

The ultimate personal mastery / team building workshop.

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Course overview

Embark on a life-changing day of experiential learning with nature's most majestic beings. By forging profound connections and unlocking untapped channels of communication, this immersive experience promises an incomparable and unique voyage of self-discovery, where every participant will embark on a personal odyssey of revelation and growth.

The harmonious interplay between human and these noble horses promises a rare opportunity for self-reflection, empowerment, and the cultivation of skills that transcend the boundaries of conventional leadership paradigms.

How diverse and inclusive are you? How diverse and inclusive is your team? How easily can they communicate critically with one another? How successful has your teams' performance been lately?

For your organisation, teams, or leaders to succeed in the future, these questions are crucial for understanding what can improve.
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Experience empathy

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Experience your boundaries

The day aims to assist delegates with coping strategies that they can take back to their workplace and real life. This is achieved by spending time outdoors, experiencing nature and working alongside horses. 

Our aim for the day is for delegates' self-awareness to grow through immersive learning, so leaders can experience how they react to BANI (brittle, anxious, non-linear, incomprehensible) situations at work and home and gift them with what to do about that.

 Learning is most profound when we have an experience. 

Opening new channels of connection with humans and horses; HorseSense© allows participants to enhance their communication and leadership styles and to connect to themselves authentically and uniquely.

HorseSense© builds personal mastery in action. 

Our clients love us

I learned more about myself and leadership in one day doing HorseSense© than I did doing a two-week leadership development programme at Stellenbosch Business School.”
Hennie Hugo,Senior Sales Director Lexus South Africa
The HorseSense© experience surpassed all my expectations. Under the expert guidance of Saffron’s masterful coaching, the animals took us on an unforgettable journey of self-awareness and deep reflection. All I can say is ‘expect the unexpected’.
These beautiful horses will teach you more about yourself and the importance of showing up authentically than any training program or self help book ever could! You will be transformed by this experience.

Michelle Bennets, Enneagram Facilitator and Coach
My experiential learning model engages feelings and emotions as well as the logical and rational aspects of learning. 
By including their emotional side in the learning process, delegates will be happier and more satisfied with their learning experience, leading to a better comprehension of concepts, longer retention and an increase in the probability of application.