Meeting Mental Health

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Lesson series
  • Course author:
    Lara Ellwood
  • Course duration:
    4 Weeks
  • Course type:
    Online / Virtual

Certification included

We acknowledge your commitment to our courses, and as such, they all come with a certificate of completion, provided you meet our attendance criteria, complete the required online activities, and pass your final quiz.
Course overview
Meeting Mental Health is designed an insightful introduction to the world of mental illness, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster mental well-being.

An emphasis is placed on proactive measures, early detection, and timely intervention. Participants will gain access to a comprehensive toolkit and a wealth of resources aimed at sustaining optimal mental health.

By learning about mental wellness, we strive to cultivate a more compassionate, supportive, and ultimately a more productive environment for all.

Join us in this transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you.
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What's included?

  • 1-hour weekly online classes 
  • Instructor-led videos 
  • Bonus videos
  • Printable  workbook with weekly activities
  • Tools & techniques to manage your mental health
*By health, we refer to emotional, mental & physical health.

Defining mental illnesses

We all interpret things differently. Because we don’t always have words to describe anxiety & depression we need to all agree to what mental illness is.

Breaking down the stigma

Appreciating and accepting that a mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it something to be shunned for.


What does addiction, anxiety & depression look like in others. We all make assumptions. It’s time to stop assuming and start understanding.

Get the tools

With the right tools you can have a constructive a supportive conversation with yourself and others on mental wellness.


Get 4 x 60-minute online group support sessions + get practical and applicable tools from the group coaching in our breakout rooms.

What you’ll learn

The Meeting Mental Health course is a 4-week transformational approach to identify the difference between living with mental illness and maintaining mental wellness.
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Our clients love us

Lara motivates and instills passion in her trainees, a testament to her own passion and dedication. She is thorough, patient, and experienced in her field.

Zoe Ahrends
Lifesense Disease Management
Lara is a fierce advocate for mental wellness. The compassion and empathy she has for her patients is evident everyday in the work she does. Lara is an expert in her field. 

Dr. Tahlia Cohen
Unitas Hospital
Lara has great insight into mental health. Her training classes have been insightful, and practical. She highlights why mental health is such an important topic and why we need to pay attention to this in the our personal life and workplace.

Patricia Mahome
LifeSense Disease Management

Lara is a dedicated, and helpful person. She has helped a number of people with tough situations in their lives and with their Mental Health from past experiences, work related and or in marriages.
Thandiwe Mlingwa
Farnham Riding School
Lara has assisted us in identifying causes of ongoing professional stress and introduced techniques to assist us in alleviating stress, improving performance and sustaining high levels of productivity.
Robin Gerold
Geroldt and van wyk Attorneys
Lara is compassionate and understanding. She really cares and is empathetic towards those who struggle with mental health issues. Lara has vast experience having  provided counseling to those who need it for many years.
Ryan Gründer

Let's empower the workforce with tools to be supportive.

If we understand Mental Health holistically' we will be able to identify healthy employees, or identify worrying symptoms.

This prevents employees feeling unsupported, which leads to an unhealthy workplace culture and a loss in productivity..

Chat to us to find out more.