One-on-One coaching with Saffron Baggallay

Your life is only as powerful as it is balanced. Get 100% of the attention that you need throughout your transformation.

Book a one-on-one coaching session centered around the Enneagram, tailored to break barriers hindering your path to fulfilment.

Saffron's approach is geared towards unravelling your true potential, fostering happiness, and cultivating a life rich in meaning. Through personalized guidance and practical tools, explore avenues for personal evolution and unlock the keys to a more fulfilling existence.

Gain insights, identify your strengths, and stride confidently toward a life aligned with your aspirations

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1-hour session


Via Calendly

The sessions are 60 minutes, online. In order to really dig deep into your transformation journey, we recommend a minimum of 4 sessions.
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Key Focuses

The Enneagram

Explore the depths of your unique story, unravelling the narrative enneagram's insights into your personal journey, motivations, and behaviours. This profound approach allows you to delve into the narratives that shape your life, unveiling patterns and perspectives that guide your actions. Through this exploration, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, empowering you to rewrite and evolve your story to live with more authentic and fulfilling experiences. Discover the power of narrative enneagram coaching in unlocking the secrets of your inner narrative and fostering personal growth and self-awareness.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Discover the art of enhancing your social and emotional intelligence through personalized coaching with Saffron. Emotional intelligence (EQ), often four times more predictive of future success than IQ, encompasses the ability to recognize, understand, and manage emotions effectively. Elevate your EQ to navigate relationships, communicate more authentically, and achieve greater personal and professional fulfilment. Experience a transformative journey towards heightened self-awareness and enhanced interpersonal connections, unlocking the keys to your success.

Personal Mastery

Acquire actionable tools to sculpt your mental and emotional outlook, enabling purposeful living and work in resonance with your core values. Delve into the concept of personal mastery, a transformative journey toward self-evolution and holistic growth. It involves honing skills, attitudes, and behaviours to align your life's trajectory. Uncover the power within yourself to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and foster a fulfilling existence guided by your authentic principles.

Somatic Intelligence

Explore the intricate patterns shaping your perception of the world and learn to navigate the emotions encoded within your body signals through Saffron's coaching. Delve into your somatic intelligence, which involves understanding how your body interprets and stores emotions, often beyond conscious awareness. By decoding these signals, broaden your perspective and gain empowerment to approach life's situations more adeptly. Discover the incredible ways your body reacts, sometimes independently of your conscious mind, and harness this knowledge to enhance emotional management and response effectiveness.

Saffron's clients love her 

I've wondered if I didn’t have these coaching conversations with Saffron where I would be? When you apply what you have learned. We as leaders can talk about leadership, but you have to create the environment where people want to do it for themselves.

Bongani Motloung
Senior Sales Manager,  Shell South Africa
Saffron has been very very very instrumental in myself growing and getting out of a very dark, deep situation to where I am today. Although I would say I'm still a work in progress, but we have done a lot in terms of coaching, she has coached me and mentored me for about I think almost a year now and I have seen a lot of improvement in terms of the things that I needed to do, tools and techniques.

Sibusiso Mkhize
IT, SPAR Central Office
To have been coached by Saffron has been one of the biggest blessings of my life, it has changed my view on so many different things, it has helped me to like and even love myself again. So I can truly say that I have woken up to my true self. I am so happy and I feel so blessed to have met Saffron and I cannot imagine what my life would have been if I hadn’t been through this journey.

Sumadi Theron
HR Academy, Arcelor Mittal South Africa
Learn to let go of the past and see and respond clearly to the present demands.