The Enneagram Icebergs

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What's included?

Welcome to the depths of the Enneagram! Explore the hidden depths of each Enneagram type with these captivating downloadable digital prints—a series of nine illustrations depicting the icebergs of the Enneagram types.
Each page reveals the submerged complexities of an Enneagram type, an iceberg with hidden depths below the surface. Dive into the intricate layers of personality, motivations, and behaviours unique to each type.
These illustrations are more than mere visuals; they are comprehensive insights into the focus of attention, core strategies, shadows, and habits of the mind, heart, and behaviour for each Enneagram type. Explore the core beliefs, superpowers, and behavioural tendencies that define and shape the essence of each type.
Whether you're a Perfectionist (Type 1), Helper (Type 2), Achiever (Type 3), Individualist (Type 4), Investigator (Type 5), Loyalist (Type 6), Enthusiast (Type 7), Challenger (Type 8), or Peacemaker (Type 9), there's an iceberg illustration tailored specifically for your type.
These digital prints are invaluable tools for self-reflection, personal growth, and understanding the intricacies of the Enneagram system. Whether you're an Enneagram enthusiast or new to this profound personality model, these illustrations offer a visually engaging and insightful exploration of the depths within each type.
Invest in this collection today and unravel the submerged complexities of the Enneagram types. Download, explore, and delve into the hidden depths to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others through the lens of the Enneagram. Let these illustrations be your window into the fascinating world of personality and self-discovery.

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