The Enneagram Manual

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What's included?

Welcome to your transformative journey of self-discovery with our comprehensive Enneagram Manual! This downloadable digital print is your all-in-one guide to the profound world of the Enneagram, offering deep insights into each Enneagram type and the intricate dynamics within the Body, Heart, and Head Triads.
Dive into the wealth of knowledge contained within this manual, as it unveils the layers of each Enneagram type. From core beliefs, mental fixations, and passions to defense mechanisms, unconscious drivers, developmental lines, wings, shadow, superpowers, behaviors, habits, distorting filters, and even body language—this manual leaves no stone unturned.
Regardless if you're a seasoned Enneagram enthusiast or just beginning your journey of self-discovery, this digital print empowers you with a holistic understanding of the Enneagram system. Use it as a guide to explore the intricacies of your personality, motivations, and growth paths.
It's not just a static guide but a dynamic tool that empowers you to recognise patterns, understand motivations, and strive towards your highest potential. Whether you're navigating the intricacies of your own personality or seeking to understand and connect more deeply with others, this digital print is a valuable resource that transcends traditional Enneagram materials.
Invest in this manual today and unlock the potential for profound self-awareness and personal development. Download, study, and embrace the insights provided to navigate the complexities of human behavior, fostering empathy, growth, and self-awareness through the wisdom of the Enneagram. Let this manual be your companion on the path to deeper self-understanding and transformation.