The Enneagram Summary Tables

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What's included?

Welcome to the Enneagram Summary Tables—your comprehensive guide to understanding the complexities and nuances of each Enneagram type! These downloadable digital prints feature succinct and insightful summary tables, meticulously crafted to provide a quick and thorough overview of the nine Enneagram types.
With six pages in total, each two pages showcases a triad of Enneagram types, offering condensed wisdom and essential insights into their core beliefs, fears, desires, triggers, motivations, needs, wounding, defence mechanisms, strengths, challenges, and growth areas.
Designed as 'cheat sheets', these tables are organized for quick reference and learning. Dive into the intricacies of each type within their respective triads, facilitating an understanding of how types within a triad share commonalities and distinctive characteristics.
Whether you're exploring the Gut (Types 8, 9, 1), Heart (Types 2, 3, 4), or Head (Types 5, 6, 7) triads, each summary table is a valuable resource for Enneagram enthusiasts, newcomers, or anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Enneagram system.
These digital prints serve as invaluable tools for self-discovery, personal growth, and navigating relationships. Use them to gain a holistic understanding of the motivations, behaviors, and paths to growth for each Enneagram type.
Invest in this comprehensive Enneagram Summary Table collection today and empower yourself with a deeper understanding of the nine Enneagram types. Download, study, and embrace the insights provided to navigate the intricacies of human behaviour, fostering empathy, growth, and self-awareness through the wisdom of the Enneagram.

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