Women In LeadHERship

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Lesson series
  • Course facilitator: Saffron Baggallay
  • Course type:
    Online / Virtual
  • Course duration:         20 Weeks
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Certification included

We acknowledge your commitment to our courses, and as such, they all come with a certificate of completion, provided you meet our attendance criteria, complete the required online activities, and pass your final quiz.
Course overview
This course is specifically tailored for women looking to develop self-respect, self-love and genuine self-confidence, allowing delegates to interact confidently with both women and men. It is centred around the transformative power of the Enneagram and Divine Feminine Archetypes in business.

We aim to enhance feminine confidence through hands-on guidance, empowering participants to communicate confidently, firstly with themselves. It emphasises that women can lead effectively, regardless of circumstances, when they radiate confidence.

This course empowers women to unlock their leadHERship potential by drawing on the deep wisdom of the Enneagram and Divine Feminine Archetypes.

(Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator test included)
Embark on a transformative 4-month journey with Women In LeadHERship!  

A practical course meticulously crafted to elevate your feminine confidence. Our primary goal is to equip you with the tools to instruct others on how to treat you – with respect and understanding.

As women, we recognise that we can assume leadership roles regardless of external circumstances, as long as we possess unwavering confidence in ourselves.

What's included?

  • 1-hour weekly online classes 
  • Instructor-led videos 
  • Bonus videos
  • Printable  workbook with weekly activities
  • Monthly quizzes
  • Bonus content on building somatic intelligence

Waking Up To Yourself

To begin, we emphasise conscious action so that you can learn to live consciously. Acquire practical tools for living with clarity and intention. We also concentrate on recognizing your body armour, i.e., your defence mechanism, as this is how you can inadvertently lose respect for yourself.

Your Context Matters

We examine the historical and economic roles women have played in society. We cover a wide range of topics, from social conditioning to the neurological underpinnings of how women behave and interact with other women. Additionally, we provide guidance on how to teach men to treat women appropriately in various contexts.

Invest In Your Strength

Obtain the tools to manage feelings of shame, as it erodes your self-trust. In order for LeadHERs to build and maintain self-trust, and avoid compromising themselves to the point of self-doubt, we learn how to channel our body's energy towards shifting into self-belief.

See Yourself Differently

Once you have learned how to turn inward, LeadHERs realize that reflection is integral to living as a LeadHER. LeadHERs will need to respond to situations, relationships, and decisions, and analyze their responses to cultivate their own happiness. To do this, we emphasize body-sensing, which involves becoming much more attuned to our intuitive intelligence. This will boost your confidence as a female LeadHER.

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Our clients love us 

I absolutely loved every part of this course. I loved the intentionality in the flow. The archetypes that were chosen for these themes and the general empowering elements to it all. 
I have a much clearer understanding, not only of myself, but also the Enneagram and the other types and subtypes in this fascinating tool.

Michelle Cheyne
Wisdom Seekers Society

It’s definitely a self-discovery journey for me. 4 months went by very quickly. The material was just right, and the one-week interval gives us time to reflect on and prepare for the following session. Everyone was very honest and transparent in sharing their personal stories. At times, we all feel vulnerable and even emotional when Saffron hits us in the head with her wisdom – Wake up and Show up!

Leslie Raymond

Throughout the duration of the programme, I had the privilege of delving deeply into the realms of self-awareness and personal growth. The resources provided, including the enlightening videos for self-study, have been invaluable in helping me gain a clearer understanding of myself and my motivations.  The tests at the end of each Module also confirmed that I was on track, so very helpful.

Bridget MacDonald

Society of Cosmetic Chemists South Africa
I met Saffron at her Women In LeadHERship programme. I have grown personally since then and continue to be wowed by this insightful women and her exceptional knowledge of the Enneagram. These sessions help me deal with the real stresses of life. Thank you Saffron, I am forever grateful for you coming into my space and and taking the time to help me get to know myself better and my team!

Zaheda Dudhia
Sales Manager, Johannesburg Shell

It was a journey I wouldn’t trade anything for, I have learned a lot, and more than anything I discovered myself. I am now able to teach people how to treat me, I can now set boundaries for people I interact with without feeling guilty but with empathy. I now love myself more, I am kind to myself, I am patient with myself and I  believe in myself. Still working on my confidence and overcoming my fears, slowly but for sure. I am able to understand my role in my team, and the energy I should bring to my team and my family in order to bring out the best in them.

Ntombi Mazibuko

Talent & Learning Administrator , Massmart

It was so incredibly thorough in terms of content and delivery.  Super insightful and full of practical real life and valuable examples and experiences. My biggest take-away from the course was to feel and learn from my body and not just my heart and emotions.

Claire Bell
Sales Manager, RainQueen
Joining Saffron's programme has brought me one step closer in being courageous enough to stand up for myself and understand how I show up in the world. Thanks you Saffron for the gifts and lessons.

Portia Shibambu
Customer data analyst,
Jumbo Stores
My biggest take-away from the course was that somatic intelligence is crucial to be a sound leader

Nontsikelelo Gumede

Saffron is an incredibly wise teacher. She's guided me towards many life-changing epiphanies ... and for that I will always be grateful.

Sabine NLD Bittle

Writer, mental health advocate, and published ghostwriter

I loved Saffron's ability to get participation from all! Her ability to show her own vulnerability allowed us to explore our own. 

Cathy Chomse
Responsible Sourcing Manager, Massmart

Saffron has an amazing knowledge of her subject and holds a safe and intimate space online. She allows lively interaction with students creating opportunity and space to access aha moments. 

Morag Bromfield
BodyTalk Instructor
You have sparked a  deep love for the Enneagram within me and unlocked a door to self awareness, self discovery and self-love.    Your leadHERship course is immensely valuable (especially the workbooks) And you have so much to give and teach. I truly believe that self-awareness and emotional intelligence has the power to change the world as we know it. 
Esmari Leibbrandt
360 Business Solutions

And we   our clients