Life-changing, motivating, and authentic.

Employee relationships are the biggest influencer on employee performance. That’s why all leaders need to learn about what motivates them and their employees.
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Beat your burnout, bust your bias and be your best self by cracking your code. We all have a code or personality pattern in life that can hold you back. It can also be the birthplace of your superpower. Being able to see your limiting beliefs & fears you can rise above our limitations and live your potential.

Complete with lots of fresh ideas

I'll help you "crack your code" so that you can innovate, follow your passion, and find success.

The mind-brain, heart-brain & gut-brain are in constant communication - and signals from the body really do matter. This is called somatic intelligence. 

You'll leave inspired to change your life, get out of the rut; and master yourself for high performance. 
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Create a culture of smart, healthy and happy people.
Create an impactful experience customised to your needs.
Unleash potential and understand your leadership capabilities.

Saffron's clients love her 

Saffron is an accomplished speaker and Enneagram expert. She reads a room brilliantly and is able to hold an audience in the palm of her hand with her expertise, timing and engaging sense of humour. She is poised, passionate and deeply knowledgeable. Her insights really helped the members of our company's management team to understand themselves and each other better than ever. I highly recommend her!

Bongani Motloung
Senior Sales Manager,  Shell South Africa
Saffron has been very very very instrumental in myself growing and getting out of a very dark, deep situation to where I am today. Although I would say I'm still a work in progress, but we have done a lot in terms of coaching, she has coached me and mentored me for about I think almost a year now and I have seen a lot of improvement in terms of the things that I needed to do, tools and techniques.

Sibusiso Mkhize,
IT, SPAR Central Office
To say this was amazing is an understatement, Saffron is probably one of the best facilitators that I have come across in my years. She has truly ignited a fire in me and for the first time in the two years.

Sharon Cao
CEO, Odd Wine Out