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Our mission is to facilitate and coach leaders, executives, managers and high-performing talent through our online and in-person courses.
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We add demonstrable value to our clients by focusing our courses and coaching on providing real-life practical, relevant and easy-to-apply tools for life-changing personal growth and team transformation. We believe that most of us know we would like to master ourselves; and that what we need is the HOW to put it into practice. 

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What our clients have to say  

The content was truly enlightening and gives me opportunities for reflection. Saffron demonstrates passion for the subject and in-depth understanding. The videos are perfect - engaging, easy to listen to and the concepts are explained to facilitate understanding. 

Zoya Mabuto
CEO at ZoyaSpeaks
I now understand why and how people, including myself, react and feel the way we do in everyday life at work and at home.

Andy Gerling
Manager - Fraser McGill 
I learnt a lot about myself and it made me more aware of what I tend to do wrong. Self-awareness is something we tend to ignore. I have learnt that I can be calm and not always feeling like I need to catch the train.

Jean Fourie
Manager - Makro Mbombela
It helped me to be more in tune with certain feelings and gave me more justification to put myself first more so that I can be better for my family. For many weeks it was like a sign that I should be more confident at work because I know what I'm doing.  Which was awesome.

Manuela Twala
Finance Manager - Allstars Sports Betting
Saffron has an amazing knowledge of her subject and holds a safe and intimate space online. She allows lively interaction with students creating opportunity and space to access 'aha' moments. What a gift of self-empowerment her course is!!

Morag Bromfield
BodyTalk Instructor
Saffron’s energy , passion and commitment to help others to identify their development areas and remedy them for the benefit of their lives , their businesses and their families are stand out qualities.

Nick Favager
Senior National Merchandise Manager - Masscash
Everyone should do this programme. It has changed my compassion towards myself and others. It helped me in my work and normal relationships to listen to understand.

Lihana Geldenhuys
Owner at Plattekloof SPAR