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Crack Your Code

Beat your burnout, bust your bias and be your best self by cracking your code. We all have a code or personality pattern in life that can hold you back. It can also be the birthplace of your superpower. Being able to see your limiting beliefs & fears you can rise above our limitations and live your potential.

Complete with lots of fresh ideas, I'll help you "crack your code" so that you can innovate, follow your passion, and find success.
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Why, what happens in the bathroom doesn't happen in the boardroom

80% of women say their load at work & home has increased since the pandemic. COVID has created more challenges for LGBT communities; and women of colour. Women now have less work-life balance. Non-inclusive working conditions & other forms of discrimination that have historically existed for all women are worse in hybrid workplaces. With so much stress and very few coping strategies - women are in a perfect storm - this is the real crisis.

An in-packed-full & punchy powerhouse of ways to empower yourself as a woman are included in this keynote.

Saffron's clients
love her  

This is not a keynote... Saffron is a mind-reader.
Melisa Tsotetsi
Sales Associate at USBI

I loved saffron's ability to get participation from all. Her ability to show her own vulnerability allowed us to explore our own.

Cathy Chomse
Responsible Sourcing Manager, Massmart
Saffron was a complete hit, warming the crowd as soon as she stepped on stage. She was phenomenal. You could hear a pin drop in the room as the audience hung onto every word. 
Traci Freeman
Rockefeller Foundation
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